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Identity Theft/Fraud Info

Lost or Stolen Debit/Credit Cards

Special promotion with Log Cabin Deli information. BOM has partnered with Log Cabin Deli in Mauston to offer a FREE sub to students in our area that receive an “A” on their report card, this semester. We have promoted this to the Mauston School District (including St. Pat’s), New Lisbon, and Necedah schools. We did not reach out to the Dells School District, this time around, based mainly on their proximity and the number of available restaurants in the Dells versus our other communities. Students (and yes it could be a college student) is asked to present their report card at any BOM location. Upon doing that, he or she will receive a certificate from BOM for the free sub. It is ONE certificate per student. Because of the varying semester end dates, the certificate will expire on 4/1/19. The promo itself, to pick up a certificate, ends 3/15/19. If someone misses one of the dates by a day or two, we will still be flexible. We do not want to make people jump through hoops, or upset anyone. This is not limited to BOM customers. It is open to anyone. The goal for BOM is community support and giveback. Log Cabin Deli is excited about the opportunity to get more people through their doors, trying out their delicious sandwiches. Everyone should have seen the promo info and each branch will have certificates by the end of today (1/18). I have emailed copies that can be printed in B/W until the color copies arrive later. There is a spot for an authorized signature. We are asking that the BOM employee providing the certificate simply signs his or her own name. We did customize the certificates to represent each school with their respective logo. That is primarily to know which branch the person came into. If, for instance, a Mauston HS student comes into the NL branch requesting the certificate, that is fine. Give them what you have. They all work the same. Each school district has agreed to promote the giveaway on their FB page, school email, and/or website. In addition, we have sent info to the local Chambers to help spread the word and we will be on WRJC at 7:30 am, this coming Tuesday, talking about the program. It will be on the BOM & Log Cabin Deli FB pages. Depending on the response, we may do a few other things as well. Please call me (Kelly) directly with questions or clarification. Thanks in advance for your help in supporting this great community project.

Portrait dates and times are listed on the BOM Board Event calendar, for your reference.  All locations should have promo items displayed.  I will be sending another full color flyer listing all of the locations dates & times to be displayed.  Let Kelly know if you are available to help check customers in at the Mauston location on the dates listed.  Each branch will cover their set day & time.  Thanks!

Effective immediately, before decorating your workstations or offices or any area of the bank, please check with Molly.  We appreciate the enthusiasm for the holidays etc but still want to maintain a professional looking environment.  This will include Christmas decorations.  Also, a reminder, our personnel policy indicates that we are each allowed 5 personal items in our offices or work stations.  It makes it easier to clean and keeps the bank looking nice.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!  UPDATE: I have had several people ask about decorating for birthdays and that is absolutely fine.  🙂

Employees may ONLY wear their own white blouses or white turtle necks.  White, long sleeve, cotton shirts can be worn under your Friday apparel only.
Any other color should be purchased through Lands’ End, including black.
Solid colored camisoles can be worn under any blouse.  Color should be professional and not overly flashy.
When in doubt, it is better to ask for permission and not forgiveness.

For additional clarification, the definition of a cardigan sweater is below:
CARDIGAN SWEATER:  Must be a sweater.  Must be long sleeved.  Must hit at least at the waist, longer is OK.

The guidelines were established to make it simple.

Have you given out your 5 compliments today?  If not, there is always time!!! 

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