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Focus of the Month

Smartphone Tap & Pay Is Now Available!

Smartphone Tap & Pay is Now Available!

Smartphone Tap & Pay is Now Available!

Let Everyone Know!

As we discussed at ET, our newest technology upgrade for mobile banking has arrived and is now available to customers…..Smartphone Tap & Pay!

Customers can access Smartphone Pays through their device, which comes pre-installed on eligible iOS devices. When setting up a new device, customers will have the opportunity to add their Bank of Mauston Debit Card.  It is fast, easy, and secure.  Customers can enjoy a new sense of shopping freedom!

Shatter Our Customers' Expectations

BOM October Birthdays!

Kris Harrison 10/3
Megan Casey 10/3
Mary Ann Muench 10/9
Julie Mendyk 10/10
Don Stull 10/12
Kari Clark 10/23
Jackie Myers 10/24

To celebrate your birthday  you may wear jeans any day you choose during your birthday month!

October Anniversaries

Debbie Jensen 10/17/88
Anna Lueneburg 10/23/00
Kelly White 10/31/16

To celebrate your anniversary, you may wear jeans with your own top any day during the month your anniversary is celebrated in.

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