Savings Account

  • No minimum balance required to open the account
  • Interest paid monthly and added to the account
  • Five transfers or withdrawals per month with no fee

Christmas Club

  • Great way to save money for Christmas with an attractive interest rate!
  • Minimum $5 deposit required to open the account
  • Automated deposits set up at account opening
  • Account will mature in October and a check for the balance, plus accrued interest, will be mailed directly to you
  • In an emergency situation, you may withdraw the entire balance, close the account and forfeit the interest

The interest rate for the 2014 Christmas Club Account is .75% with an Annual Percentage Yield of .75%.  We use the daily balance method to calculate the interest on your account.

Insured Money Market Account

  • $2,500 minimum opening balance required
  • May write up to 6 checks per month
  • Unlimited withdrawals at the teller window
  • Tiered interest rate (see chart below)
  • Rate may change after account is opened

Annual Percentage Yields & Rates for Insured Money Market Accounts
Effective April 11, 2014 
- April 17, 2014.

Amount APY Interest Rate
$0.01-$9999 .05% .05%
$10000-$24999 .07% .07%
$25000-$49999 .10% .10%
$50000 and over .15% .15%

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is calculated assuming that interest is added to the account monthly.


For more information, please contact one of our new account customer service representatives at (608) 847-6200 or at one of our convenient branch locations.