The elan_creditcardBank of Mauston has a credit card to meet your needs at every stage of your life.  All Elań Visa Credit Cards offer 24-hour cardmember services and are accepted worldwide.

1. The Bank of Mauston College Visa Card

Cash is fine for some things but a credit card is an easy, safe way to pay for many expenses on and off campus.  Buying books, paying tuition, traveling or in an emergency situation (if your car breaks down or you’re caught without funds), an Elań College Visa Card comes in handy.  Responsible use of your Elań Card will help you establish a solid credit rating, something you’ll need when you’re ready to buy a car or house.  Pay no annual fee as long as you make one purchase a year with your Elań College Visa Card.

2. The Bank of Mauston Visa Platinum Card

This card offers a great low variable interest rate and no annual membership fee with at least one purchase a year.  With the Platinum card you’ll enjoy higher credit limits and some special card benefits.  Not sure if you qualify for Platinum?  We welcome your application. 

3. The Bank of Mauston Visa Signature Rewards Card

Apply for the Elań Cash Rewards Card and reward yourself with CASH!  Get up to 1 percent of your purchases back each year on everyday expenses like groceries, car repairs, gasoline and movie tickets.  There are no points to track or redemption levels to reach.  Your cash rewards simply grow each and every time you make a purchase.  And you won’t need to request a check…Elań will send it to you automatically!  No annual fee with at least one purchase a year.

4.  Secured VISA

Annual fee $35.00/year.   Excellent opportunity for someone starting a credit history or for someone who has been turned down for a credit card.